SpaceTrap is a third person science fiction multiplayer game. Each player will have to escape a 3-D maze while fighting other players using abilities. Alongside high end graphics, the game includes ranked leader boards. SpaceTrap will be a cross-platform free to play game with in-game purchases planned to be released for iOS and Android. In future, it would also be released for VR.


SpaceTrap is 3-D portal that exists outside the realms of known dimensions. it is believed to be created by creatures of these dimensions. Once stuck, the concept of time is lost. You must escape the maze before others or else get ready to face the eternity in the trap itself.

The player will choose one from the available characters known as explorers at the start of every game featuring a different maze.

A total of 4 players will start the game fighting each other to reach the destination alongwith fighting each other.

Each hero will have a certain set of abilities that can be used to fight the opponent.

There are a number of options available to play as per the user's ease. The user can play against bots, with their friends on LAN or online.